What is the creative process? How does it differ from person to person? And what are the similarities? Can it even be defined? If so, to what end?

12 Questions Relating to the Creative Process is a project which attempts to answer these and reveal what it means to be creative, whatever your vocation.

Questions are posed to different people across a broad spectrum of occupations, from designers to artists to musicians to chefs to writers to programmers – whoever – to glean insight into how these individuals work, how they're inspired, why they do what they do, and ultimately, what the creative process means to them.

As a control, the questions are always the same twelve, designed to be as insightful as possible. Although thoroughly tempting to dissect the results, as part of this project's own process, the contributors' answers will speak for themselves, in their own voice. 

A Q&A. No more, no less.

Each contributor to the project has kindly done so out of their own generosity and willingness to share both their time and their creativity.